Starting A Food Business?

If you are starting a new food business, or taking over an existing food business, you may need specific licensing or approvals to meet Australian food safety requirements.

Food Agent Australia are experts in food business licencing.

We understand the regulations and requirements for different councils and different types of food businesses. From cafes and restaurants to food trucks and home based food businesses, we’ll help you obtain the right licence(s) needed for your proposed business.

Types of Food Businesses

Other Accreditations You May Need

Our Licensing Process

  • 1. Consultation & proposal

    This is where we get to know the proposed business, and determine the scope of works/what licensing or approvals are needed

  • 2. RFI schedule (request for information)

  • 3. Complete other works/services within the proposal (if applicable)


    • Compliance audit
    • Design
    • Food safety program & record keeping documents
    • Food safety program accreditation / external auditing
    • Food safety supervisor course
    • Commercial equipment supply / procurement
    • Engineering (Hydraulic, Mechanical, Structural)
  • 4. Submit applications and relevant documentation/evidence to relevant authorities

  • 5. Communication with authorities during application assessment

    • We manage the applications and communicate directly to council/relevant authorities on your behalf. Providing them with relevant information and further evidence where required
    • Including booking in any inspections required.
  • 6. Preparation for inspections

    • We will prepare you for any inspection you may have, we also may attend inspections in some instances (or if requested)
  • 7. Final inspection with council / relevant authorities

  • 8. Approvals/licenses received and you are able to start trade

Why Engage Food Agent Australia

  • 100% Independent. Speak to Food Agent Australia first before engaging with Council and set your business up for success with our extensive knowledge, proven systems, designs and fit out solutions.
  • Prompt Service. We are available around the clock, including weekends. We provide immediate responses and help address any potential problems or hurdles.
  • No Hassles. We take the confusion, stress and delays out of securing approvals and accreditation for every type of food business.
  • 10+ Specialists. Get the right person completing the right job. Our team includes fit out project managers; designers; engineers; town planners and certifiers, food safety program specialists and more.
  • Extensive Council Knowledge. We know the ins and outs of local Government and accreditation requirements so you don’t waste your time or money with unnecessary approval delays.
  • Concept-to-Completion Solutions. From compliance audits to design, fit outs, the Food Agent Australia team can coordinate everything you need to get your food business off the ground.
  • Family Owned and Operated. Led by our father-daughter team, we are genuinely invested in your business and seeing you succeed.

100% Independent

Prompt Service

No Hassles

10+ Specialists

Extensive Council Knowledge

Concept-to-Completion Solutions

Family Owned and Operated

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a food business licence cost?

We recommend contacting us directly so that we can provide you with an accurate quote for your intended business. All council regions have different prices for licensing, plus here at Food Agent Australia we have different packages and bundle deals available.

We also support small businesses and have a small business scheme with lower pricing.

Do I need a licence before I can open my food business?

Yes, to be able to trade and sell food products within Australia, you will need all relevant licenses/approvals required by Australian food safety authorities.

How long does a licence take to get approved for a food business?

Because of our great relationship we maintain with council and other regulators, we can fast track your applications when urgent, and have had applications approved and licenses received within days. However, we do recommend allowing 2-4 weeks before trade, on submission of applications.