Food Agent Australia is your first and only point of call when it comes to securing a mobile food licence in QLD without hassle.

We are your single point of contact to secure your food business licence and ensure your mobile food business is fully compliant.

When operating a mobile food business, you need to ensure everything is available to prepare your products in a safe and hygienic environment. Ticking all of council’s boxes has never been easier thanks to Food Agent Australia. With round the clock support and 100% independent food business licence experts you can secure all the necessary approvals and accreditations swiftly without fear of getting knocked back!

Did you know…. Vehicles that transport or deliver food (such as pizza delivery or UberEats) are not considered “mobile food vehicles” and do not require any additional licencing for that purpose.

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Mobile Food Business

What Is It Needed?

If you wish to handle, prepare and/or serve food products to your customers from a vehicle or trailer that has been fitted out with a kitchen, you will need to meet certain food safety, storage and floorplan standards before you can do so. We will also advise you if a Food Safety Program is needed.

Additionally, when operating a mobile food business, if you choose to prepare any of your products at home or in another kitchen, that location must also be licenced.

Once you have obtained your mobile food business licence through Food Agent Australia, you will be able to offer your products at several different kinds of locations, including:

  • Markets and events
  • Private events such as weddings, birthdays, functions, parties, etc.
  • Public events such as festivals, expos, events, shows etc
  • Activated green spaces in council parks and properties with additional vending licence(s)

The Process to Obtain a Mobile Food Business Licence

Food Agent Australia has established an effective and efficient step-by-step process to achieve expedited approvals for your food business.

Although circumstances vary dependent upon the nature of your food operations, you can expect to follow the following process:

  • 1. Project and Licence Scoping

  • 2. Compliance Audit, Compilation of Documents, Project Works or Courses

  • 3. Application Submitted

  • 4. Inspection(s)

  • 5. Approvals to Commence Trading

Setting up a mobile food business or food truck doesn’t need to be an overwhelming task. Food Agent Australia will expertly guide you through the steps thanks to years of experience working closely with councils, local government, and food regulatory bodies.

We explain the process for getting a Food Business Licence in more detail on this page.

Which businesses need a Mobile Food Business Licence?

Certain businesses that only sell coffee or tea do not need to obtain a mobile food business licence. However, most other businesses that fall under the definition of mobile food vehicles do.


You will need to be licenced if your business is:

  • A pie or “Smoko” truck or van
  • An ice cream truck or van
  • A mobile snack truck
  • A mobile food trailer
  • Food trucks offering takeaway, street food or catering


Other licencing you may need for your Mobile Food Business

Preparing ingredients and foods at a location other than your licenced mobile vehicle requires you to obtain a separate licence. For instance, if you wish to sell muffins or donuts from your vehicle but bake those at home, you will need to have your home kitchen licenced separately.

Depending on the nature of your food operations, Food Agent Australia’s accredited Food Safety Program will ensure that your mobile food business always operates within the required safety standards.

Also, the design and type of fit-out in your vehicle may limit the food items you can sell due to cross-contamination and adequate safe food preparation areas.

Food Agent Australia has a full suite of services available to provide you with everything you need to licence, design and equip your mobile food vehicle business.


Food Agent Australia is 100% independent. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will take the hassle out of securing your mobile food business licence and advise if any other permits may be required to ensure you are compliant.