At Food Agent Australia, food business licencing is our bread and butter.

Whether you own (or are launching) an onsite or offsite catering business, you will be required to hold a specific catering licence to ensure your operations adhere to all health, hygiene, and food safety regulations.

We are your first and only point of call when it comes to ticking all the boxes to secure your food business licence swiftly, without delay.

We know exactly what councils expect of catering businesses and we have the systems and documentation in place to ensure that you not only meet but exceed their expectations.

Being 100% independent and offering prompt service around the clock, our sought-after team will give you the right advice and take the hassle out of securing necessary approvals and accreditations.

Let us guide you in the right direction and get your catering business off to the best start.

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When do I Need a Food Catering Licence?

If you cook and prepare food for functions or events involving groups of people, you will require a catering food business licence to trade.


A catering food business licence is needed if you prepare / serve food or meals:

  • To a group of people at a single booking, function or event
  • That are of an agreed type
  • That are for a set number of persons
  • That are served at a prearranged time
  • That are served for a predetermined price or cost


Issues and Requirements for Food Catering Licences

The preparation, provision and serving of food to large and small groups (from 3+ people to hundreds) has a unique set of complexities and issues to consider which is why food business licencing – particularly a catering licence – is paramount.

As well as factoring in dietary requirements and allergies, budget restrictions and venue licencing and equipment, a catering business must also be aware of – and have clearly defined food safety protocols that address safe food handling, storage and transportation.

You will also need to create & implement a site-specific Food Safety Program.

The Food Agent Australia Process

Drawing on our many years of experience and extensive Council knowledge, Food Agent Australia has developed proprietary processes that ensure you avoid any pitfalls or challenges associated with securing your food business licence.

Our proven step-by-step process to set you up for success includes:

  • 1. Project and Licence Scoping

  • 2. Compliance Audit, Compilation of Documents, Project Works or Courses

  • 3. Application Submitted

  • 4. Inspection(s)

  • 5. Approvals to Commence Trading

Navigating the complexities of food licencing can be confusing and stressful. Working with Food Agent Australia overcomes any of these challenges or delays, and you can be assured that we provide you with sound advice and expert guidance to get you trading in no time.

We explain the process for getting a Food Business Licence in more detail on this page.

Food Catering Businesses

What Types Are There?

Catering services fall into one of two categories:


(1) Onsite catering

Catering within your own venue.


(2) Offsite catering

Preparing or cooking food within your commercial kitchen and transporting it to an offsite venue for catering (either drop catering, or prepared and served to group of people offsite).


Here’s the type of food businesses that fall under each >

Onsite Catering Businesses

  • Wedding and reception venues
  • Event and function rooms
  • Night clubs and pubs, taverns and bars that offer functions and events
  • Restaurants, cafes and bistros that host functions and events
  • Community halls, churches and charities
  • Retirement villages that offer functions and events
  • RSLS, Sports clubs and sporting venues that hold functions and events
  • Hospitals and schools that host functions and events
  • Food trucks and trailers equipped with licensed kitchens that offer catering services to a group of people
  • Any fixed premises food business that wishes to offer onsite catering

Offsite Catering Businesses

  • Spit Roast caterers
  • Full-service caterers who cater for private events / functions, birthdays or weddings
  • BBQ and smoker caterers
  • Caterers who provide platters & grazing tables
  • Transport services such as airlines, trains, ships, buses and private vehicles
  • Outdoor caterers
  • Industrial caterers who provide food for workplaces
  • Private events caterers
  • Social groups, clubs and organisations
  • Providers of canapes, tapas and finger food
  • Buffet or banquettes
  • Drop catering (preparing food at a commercial kitchen, packaging & delivering to customers to serve to their guests)
  • Food stall / tent providing outdoor catering services (prepared in a commercial kitchen)


Food Agent Australia is 100% independent. Our experienced and knowledgeable team is your first point of contact for securing your food manufacturing licence and we advise exactly what permits may be required to ensure you are 100% compliant.